Dream Big AND Write It Down


The first thing that I ask a client who wants to create an extraordinary life is “What’s your purpose? That is, why are you here on this planet?” Some of them will tell me that they’re here to make a difference, to love, to be a healing force, or to help others. Most of them […]

Finding the Right Time to Leap into Your Dream Career


So what’s the perfect timing to leap fully into your passions? After interviewing nearly 100 bold, talented individuals who made the leap (aka “Passioneers”), I have the definitive answer: “It all depends”. Some Passioneers transformed their passion into a full-time venture over several years, while others make the leap in one fell swoop (e.g., after […]

Courage: Feeling the Fear and Leaping Anyway

Leaping Anyway

Each of us has a glorious, divine purpose for making a unique and positive difference on this planet; that is, for leaving a powerful legacy. And guess what? Your passion and your talents together point directly to your purpose. Pretty obvious, eh? Most of us have a good inkling as to what our true passions […]